Web Design and Drupal Customization

  • Pixel-perfect web design with a clean and elegant aesthetic
  • Usability + information architecture = a supurb user experience
  • SEO consultation to help get your site found
  • Drupal installation, configuration and theming

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Tools for Librarians: The Reference Portal

  • Open source intranet for librarians
  • Includes chat, calendar, assessment tools and more!
  • Knowledge management tools: stop reinventing the wheel
  • Password protected to keep your data private

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Tools for Librarians: Instant Instruction Feedback Forms

  • Open source library instruction web surveys
  • Perfect for quantitative and qualitative assessment
  • Includes surveys for students and instructors
  • Fully customizable and adaptable to any library

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Information with Infrastructure

Skmatic Industries blends a librarian's passion for organization and a web designer's talent for visual communication to develop beautiful websites that work. Your message should reach its audience without the interference that comes from a poorly designed website. That's why Skmatic designs information spaces that use the principles of usability, accessibility and information architecture to make your UX as effortless as possible.

There are a million reasons for a user to leave your website. At the top of the list are the big three: "I couldn't find it", "I got lost", and the infamous "I couldn't wait for it to download". Skmatic creates finely-crafted websites that are structured to help your users fulfill their goals (which makes them happy). This is important to you because whether your site is used for e-commerce, education, or for good old narcissism, you want to keep your users around long enough for you to deliver your message.

Skmatic builds websites on a solid foundation that includes ingredients like clear labels, hierarchical navigation structures, and a pleasing aesthetic. Who needs bricks and mortar?

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